Honest Burgers Soho

Honest Burgers have bravely ventured out from Brixton and opened their second restaurant in Mead Street in Soho (a 15 second walk from Burger and Lobster) and adds to London’s ever growing burger scene.

You could easily walk past this restaurant as the outside is very plain – as is the interior. White walls with wooden tables and chairs didn’t make us want to spend all day in there but the atmosphere was relaxed and the staff were really friendly. The door was left open for our entire visit meaning we sat with our coats firmly zipped up.

It’s a small restaurant which doesn’t take bookings (obviously!) so it can get rather busy. We arrived at 12pm on a Sunday and had no trouble bagging a table.

The menu (as is often the case now) was very simple with the choice of chicken burger, beef burger or veggie fritter. All were served with house chips sprinkled with rosemary salt.

My gentleman companion and I decided to order their signature Honest burger (£9) which consisted of a burger (beef sourced from the Ginger Pig butchers), red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce all sandwiched between a toasted glazed bun.

The burger had a perfectly pink centre and was very flavoursome. For me, the red onion relish was just too sweet and it overpowered the beautiful beef and thickly sliced tangy gherkins. I would have preferred my burger without it. Don’t get me wrong, I ate the whole thing but it wasn’t very exciting – not the sort of burger that would warrant me running down Dean Street singing its praises. The chips however (which were thick cut) tasted delicious. The rosemary salt was an unusual twist and made them totally moreish. They had a crunchy outside with a fluffy inside – these excited me. A lot.

At £9 for a burger and chips we thought it was very good value as we left feeling really full. The quality of the ingredients was good and the burger was pleasant but I can’t say much more than that. If they turned their heating on, shut the door and put a few cushions on the chairs I’d happily go back, as those chips were so darn tasty.


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  1. Very interesting. I keep meaning to go there but something always gets in the way. I wonder what the Honest burger would be like with stilton. Probably incredibly rich! Problem is, as many burgers as I try, I still can’t find one better than Lucky Chip.

    Have you tried Mishkin’s burger? Its steamed so not at all greasy but keeps all of the taste.


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